SGW004 Pros and Cons of using an Installation Contractor with Steve Rudd of UPA

In this episode Steve Rudd of Utility Partners of America (UPA) provides practical advice about the pros and cons of working with an installation contractor and lessons learned that will improve your installation project.

SGW003 Lessons Learned from the Top, Glenn Steiger former GM Glendale Water and Power

Key Points

First to sign with DOE for a grant

Maybe the only project to deploy both water and electric AMI simultaneously

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SGW002 Renewable Energy Integration, Ruth Bennett

Wind Energy in the Pacific Northwest

Solar power

Peak shaving

Energy storage

Utility scale battery

Challenges of residential solar

Super storm Sandy

Smart Grid customer communication during a storm

General Electric new wind blade technology

Distributed generation

Wind integration

Smart Meters as a component in a larger system

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SGW001 The Smart Grid Imperative

Q. Why did you write the book?


Originally it was my attempt to document what I learned as a Smart Grid Program Manager while it was fresh in my mind. When I outlined what I wanted to write, I found some holes in my knowledge which led me to a lot of reading and research and one day I had an epiphany about the factors driving change in the utility world.

Once this insight hit, I was like a kid with a really cool new toy and I could not stop playing with it and exploring the Smart Grid world using it. At that point I decided to turn the insights I had gained into a book.

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