SGW003 Lessons Learned from the Top, Glenn Steiger former GM Glendale Water and Power

Key Points

First to sign with DOE for a grant

Maybe the only project to deploy both water and electric AMI simultaneously

Needed a storage area network ( SAN) to hold all the data

Needed to implement an enterprise service bus (ESB) to interface all of the software

Implemented a meter data management system, head end systems, connected everything to the customer information system

Outage Management System


Data warehouse and data analytics to handle big data

Electric vehicle program

Distribution automation

Home area network breakthrough partnership with CEIVA

Demand Response

Thermal Storage

Opower reports to customers

Huge effort to engage and communicate with customers

Key Lessons

1. IT component of any smart grid project is huge

2. Solving the staffing issues during and after the project needs to be dealt with at the beginning of the project

3. Outside help with project management and project audits is important.